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A.G.M. Duivenvoorde 
Noordsingel 74
4333 AB Middelburg

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fax +31 (0) 118-634150

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Antiquarian bookshop De Boekenbeurs has been established in 19822 and is located in 2 monumental buildings in the centre of Middelburg, near the railway station. Next to our general stock, we specialize in books on Zeeland, maritime history and hydraulic engineering. We also offer a large amount of old Zeeland-maps and -prints.

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Opening hours Middelburg
Tuesday - Friday   10.30 - 17.30
Saturday   10.30 - 17.00
Monday (June-July-Aug.)   13.00 - 17.30
First Sunday of the month   13.00 - 17.00